About Courtney
I’m a work in progress. Like everyone, I have my good days and bad days. I make mistakes and don’t always choose what’s best for me the first time around. That’s the beauty of life – experience and learning the lessons we are meant to learn. I work with my own coach to continue to push myself outside of my comfort zones in order to really live my life.

My goal as a coach is to support, challenge and open you up to what's possible: healthy, loving relationships, personal goals and professional achievements. I use movement of the body to help move the mind, shift perspectives and bring out the best parts of my clients.

I am a health and wellness coach, who specializes in personal growth, professional development and transitions.

I've been there. I've gotten in my own way and have been my own worst enemy whether it was in search for love when I wasn't giving it to myself, in discovering my purpose when it came to jobs that appeared fun from the outside but didn't connect me with any meaning or staying committed to what I considered a healthy way of eating and moving. Am I still figuring it out? On a daily basis. Although moving across the country and giving myself time to focus on me really showed me how I wasn't living my life, the excuses I was making and the things I was doing to prevent my dreams from coming true. I committed to yoga - to really breathing, being present and allowing that expression to come out in movement - which meant I committed to being me, the best version. This led to creating a retreat with a dear friend, Mallory Underwood, which through a ripple effect caused me to sign up for a coaching training and certification. Each has been a step further in getting to  know myself and what I'm here to do.

Why Inspired By Movement?
While brainstorming for a name, I kept coming back to two things: inspiration and movement. I know I need to move my body in order to move my mind and utilize this in my coaching. It wasn't until I looked down at the necklace I had been wearing every day for the last year that I came up with the idea for the logo - the infinite symbol. To me, that necklace reminds me of infinite possibilities in all areas of my life. And with both coaching and yoga, I want to help remind people of the infinite possibilities in their own lives.   

I am inspired by trying new things and love the challenge that physical activities provide. I started off as a competitive synchronized skater, which was my first form of moving meditation. It created the first sense of community I experienced and loved being a part of a team. It was golf in high school, which gave me a chance to be on the first team for our school and learn a sport that would give me time with my dad and brother. It was ice hockey after college that I couldn’t wait to do. I remember wanting to play as an eight year old and being told no. So when I was able to put on all the gear just 14 years later, it felt like Christmas morning and I was reignited with that feeling of being a kid and living with passion.

I practice and teach yoga, which is my reset button; hike, kayak, run, bike and participate in crossfit. I’m also very passionate about writing, music, creating, and spending time with family and friends.

Prior to my coaching career, I spent 15 years in communication in the athletic realm in Colorado and Michigan. I developed and managed new programs, while helping others advance in their careers. In 2010, I received my certification as a yoga instructor and hosted an international retreat in Costa Rica.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) committed to your development and transformation. I provide support and sincere feedback to help you effectively address personal and professional changes. I also integrate coaching techniques with valuable assignments and/or inquiry between sessions to create a highly personalized program with accountability.

Inspired By Movement
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