Let Yourself Be Moved Yoga & Coaching E-Course 

Let Yourself Be Moved
allows you to move your body in order to move your mind. It physically invites you to get out of your own way.

As a bootcamp for the body, mind and heart, this process opens you up to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back from trusting yourself, living your life fully and opening your heart. 

From here, the movement extends off the mat and allows you to notice the impact of what your body/heart already knows, allowing you to unlock areas where you have been stuck.

No yoga experience is necessary. These groups will be limited to ensure an intimate and customized experience for each

This six-week program includes:

  • 1 private 45-minute coaching session
  • 1 weekly Google Video Hangout at listed time with approximately 30 minutes of yoga & 30 minutes of group coaching
  • Weekly email introducing the week's intention and a pose of the week
  • Private online group for support 

Dates of the Program to be scheduled.

Investment: $300

This course has a required minimum for enrollment. We reserve the right to cancel this course if it does not meet the minimum requirement within 24 hours of the start date of the course.

Let Yourself Be Moved Program Dates

One-on-One Life Coaching

Courtney coaches individuals to:
  • Get Over Old Patterns
  • Reach Personal & Professional Goals
  • Tap into Inner Strength & Recognize Your Values
  • Access Your Voice
    Listening to our inherent wisdom draws us toward wholeness and health. And as the body and mind address and integrate what you've been resisting and release blocks and obstacles, you become free to soar. In this process, you let go of limiting perceptions that block even greater self trust and confidence, open your heart, your passion, and your attention to your inner being and a wisdom that is always there, but not always tapped. From this space, as you live from your inner being, and include all parts of yourself, shifts then take place that unlock areas where you have been stuck and allow for greater joy.



    Courtney coaches individuals over e-mail and text to:

    • Feel Supported in Your Everyday Life
    • Create Accountability Around Personal & Professional Goals
    • Develop Awareness & Build Inner Strength
      Don't feel like you have enough time to invest in coaching calls? E-coaching, which takes place over email and/or text, gives you the freedom to have support when you need it. We communicate several times a week, sometimes several times a day, solely over email/text. All emails will receive a response within 24 hours.

      To get started, you fill out a questionnaire to get present to what's going on in your life right now. The investment is $100 for a month of e-coaching and begins at the time of purchase. 

      Speed Coaching 

      Courtney coaches individuals in 10-15 minute time frames, allowing you to: 
      • Reconnect with yourself, your values & goals
      • Feel Safe and Supported
      • Create Accountability
      Feeling short on time? Speed coaching invites you to maximize your time with 10-15 minute focused sessions. Speed Coaching sessions are donation-based. To get started, purchase below or email Courtney to schedule at 

      Couples and Teams

      Courtney coaches couples and teams through challenges, having them:
      • Get closer through the process
      • Become good at communicating in a way that works with one another
      • Fulfill their own and each others needs
      • Create a deeper connection
      With teams, Courtney is masterful at negotiating through the undelivered communications, agendas, and upsets to have the individuals in teams feel understood, appreciated, to work through and forgive past hurts, and to communicate and function together in a way that is fulfilling and energizing.

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