Upcoming Events

Paddleboard 101, PaddleFit & Paddle Yoga
Locations: East Graham Lake (Bald Mountain North State Park), Tommy's Lake (Lake Orion) & Van Norman Lake (Waterford)

Check out for all the Paddleboard your yoga practice out on the water. This class helps you slow down to focus on your breath. This is a great place to try out SUP Yoga as the water temperature is just like bath water and you can see the bottom of the pool. Register at Game On Paddleboarding

Intro to PaddleFit

Saturday, April 21
1 p.m.
Location: Lake Orion High School Pool

PaddleFit is a fun way to experience paddleboarding. We will combine exercising, play and stretching all in one class. Register at Game On Paddleboarding

Power of Staying
Saturday, May 5
1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Location: Body Language Yoga & Fitness

The moment you want to get out of a pose, that's when the posture starts. We will explore what it means to stay on the mat and off. This practice will include pranayama and a mix of vinyasa/yin yoga. You will be guided through a coaching exercise before we embrace the power of staying through a focused meditation. Bring a yoga mat & water! Register at Body Language. 

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